About S-Match


S-Match is a semantic matching framework, which provides several semantic matching algorithms and facilities for developing new ones. S-Match was heavily used inside KnowDive group for several years to conduct experiments in semantic matching. The goal of this project is to make S-Match available for the community by releasing it under a permissive open source license.


Currently S-Match contains implementations of several semantic matching algorithms. It contains implementation of the original S-Match semantic matching algorithm, as well as minimal semantic matching algorithm and structure preserving semantic matching algorithm.

Original S-Match semantic matching algorithm is a general purpose matching algorithm, very customizable and suitable for many applications.

Minimal semantic matching algorithm exploits additional knowledge encoded in the structure of the input and capable of producing minimized mapping and maximized mapping. Minimized mapping is well suited for manual evaluations, as it contains «compressed» information and saves experts' time. Maximized mapping contains all possible links and is well suited for consumption by applications which are not aware of semantics of lightweight ontologies.

Structure preserving semantic matching algorithm is an algorithm well suited for matching API and database schemas. It matches the inputs distinguishing between structural elements such as functions and variables.

Where Does It Come From?

S-Match comes from the KnowDive group in the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of University of Trento where it was developed under the supervision of professor Fausto Giunchiglia.

Join the Project

S-Match project is hosted on SourceForge and we welcome everybody to join and contribute.